Feeling muscle pain after exercise, particularly after weight training, is normal. It is an indication that your muscles are working hard and that your fitness is improving. Muscle pain is on-set due to microscopic damage to muscle fibres. It is particularly noticeable following a new training regime or a change in the intensity or duration of your current regime. This process of microscopic damage and the following repair of the muscle fibres is how muscles grow. By reducing the pain associated with this process, you can improve recovery time. As a result, muscle growth improves over a shorter period. CBD balm for muscles provides an opportunity for athletes and exercise enthusiasts to speed up recovery times and improve their muscle growth. Here, we take a look at what CBD muscle balm is, how it can aid and improve muscle recovery and how you can introduce it into your training regime.

What Is CBD Muscle Balm?

CBD muscle balm is a cannabidiol-infused salve. Soothing oils, creams and essential oils are also mixed to create the topical rub. After a workout, rub CBD balm on the area of localised pain or soreness for natural pain relief. For those with arthritis and joint pain, CBD balm may also be an effective natural remedy.

How Does CBD Balm Aid Muscle Recovery?Scientist working with CBD in a lab

Research suggests that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties. It is this particular medical benefit that makes CBD muscle rub effective for easing soreness. Massaged into the skin, CBD muscle rub soothes the area by stimulating nerve endings. However, it also interacts with the endocannabinoid system through the skin to reduce inflammation.

Endocannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body – including the skin cells and sweat glands. As such, when you rub a topical CBD rub into an area, it works in a targeted way to treat localised pain and soreness. Rubbed into the skin, CBD muscle balm targets muscles that are inflamed due to exercise. This can reduce the inflammation and therefore, reduces the pain, soreness and helps the damaged fibres repair more quickly. Over time, your regime will improve along with the results of your exercise. Not sure which rub you might need? Read our CBD balm buyers’ guide.

Is CBD Safe? 

Although research into CBD remains in relatively early stages, there are few signs of any meaningful side effects as of yet. Excessive use of CBD oil may cause signs of drowsiness or lightheadedness. However, there is, as of yet, no evidence of side effects when using it in a CBD salve or as part of your CBD skincare routine. You can even cook using CBD with our CBD-infused coconut oil!

Does Cannabidiol Balm Actually Work?

Tests on CBD as an effective muscle balm for soreness or joint pain are still ongoing. However, much of the early evidence suggests that CBD can be an effective remedy for both arthritis and muscle pain and is used by many top athletes in various sports including MMA. Of course, results may vary from person to person. But if you are looking for an alternative, natural remedy for chronic or acute pain, then CBD may be a good place to start.Only Green 300mg CBD Balm Tub

Try CBD Balm From Only Green

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