Bristol Fungarium Cordyceps Tincture



UK-grown Organic Cordyceps tincture, cultivated in our purpose built lab and comprehensively extracted in the tincture kitchen on our mushroom farm in Somerset.

Bristol Fungarium are the only organic certified & UK-native functional mushroom producer.

Worth its weight in gold, literally. Cordyceps has earned its place in the functional mushroom hall of fame thanks to unique compounds that give the ascomycete fungus its energising, restorative and uplifting benefits. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps is seen to possess both Ying & Yan – nourishing and invigorating properties.

– Sustainably Grown in the UK

– 100% UK Organic Certified Functional Mushroom Extract

– Triple Extracted, 1: 5 Ratio Mushroom Supplement (Super Strength)

– Fully Transparent, Ethical & Short Supply Chain

Bottle size: 50ml
Ingredients: Dried Native Cordyceps Fruiting Body, Purified Water, Organic UK Ethanol