Bristol Fungarium Reishi Tincture


UK-grown organic Reishi tincture, cloned in our lab and extracted in the tincture kitchen on our mushroom farm in Somerset.


Bristol Fungarium are the only organic certified & UK-native functional mushroom producer.

Reishi is quite probably the most revered functional mushroom of them all, used for centuries for its wide range of therapeutic benefits. The Reishi mushroom is a bio-active powerhouse packed with compounds and nutrients that have been researched clinically for decades. We have a number of exciting Ganoderma species in the UK, one in particular that we feature as one of our flagship native UK mushroom strains. All our Reishi is:

– UK Native & Sustainably Grown In The UK

– 100% UK Organic Certified Functional Mushroom Extract

– Triple Extracted, 1: 4 Ratio Mushroom Supplement (Super Strength)

– Fully Transparent, Ethical & Short Supply Chain

Bottle size: 50ml Ingredients: Dried Reishi Fruiting Body, Purified Water, Organic UK Ethanol