Amma Life CBD & Mint Tea


The finest CBD-rich and peppermint leaves are carefully chosen to go into every box of CBD & Mint tea. The leaves are grown by specialist farmers in Europe.

The award-winning CBD & Mint tea is filled with the finest Cannabidiol-rich herbs and peppermint leaves. The properties of the plants are activated when you steep the teabag in hot water.

You will find 20 teabags in every box. This tea is naturally caffeine free. Biodegradable teabags.

How to use: Bring these herbs alive by adding 1 teabag per cup in freshly boiled water, brew for up to 10 minutes. Can add lemon or honey to flavour, if you wish.

This tea can be enjoyed at any time. Why not give it a try after a meal, or in the evening when you have time to relax.